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Does your pup need a mid day visit while you are at work? Does your furry friend do better staying in their own environment while you are away on a trip? We are here to help! We offer 15, 30 and 60 minute drop-ins for your convenience.

15 min

Included- quick potty time. water bowl refresh. putting food down for cats if necessary. report card on how your pet(s) are doing.

***Puppies under 1 year are required to have at least 30 min drop-ins. 30 minute rate gets charged automatically to other guests if there are messes to clean up.

30/60 min

Included- potty and play time. cleaning up messes if necessary. feeding and water bowl refresh. litterbox cleaning if necessary. belly scratches and cuddles. report card on how your pet(s) are doing.


Contact us for a quote if you have caged animals that need care as well!

     Drop-in Rates

15 min

1 dog/cat                                    20$

Additional dog/cat                      5$

30 min

1 dog/cat                                     25$

Additional dog/cat                       5$

60 min                                      +10$


Is your pooch in need of a walk? You have come to the right place! We offer 30 and 60 minute walks with affordable rates and multi dog discounts!

We come prepared with bags, treats and water for your pup! Owners get a update once finished with pictures and a map of how far we walked.

          Walk Rates

30 minute

      1 dog                                          25$

      additional dogs                            5$

60 minute                                 +10$



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